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Doing what everyone else is doing will give you the same boring results as everyone else.

If you want more, you must do, think, and act differently. Learning how to trade (or simply following a successful trader) is one of those things that can change your life.

Anyone who has the desire to increase their income and/or investing results MUST include trading as part of their strategy.

My job is to help you do just that.

Trading Signals That Work Offer

"Trading Reality"

I'm a professional trader. I have been for a very long time. It's what I do for a living (About Me).

For over 15 years I ran a very successful trading service that let you see exactly what I was looking at, what I was thinking, and.. what trades I was taking.

My goal was simply to allow others to see the amazing benefits trading can bring to their income and lives.

While I no longer offer advisory services (I've thankfully achieved an amazing life for my family and I through trading and hard work), I want to continue to offer this website as a helpful tool to help others find their own path to independence thru trading.

Trading Blog

I've spent way too much time searching for Trading Blogs that actually have value. While there are many out there, only a few are worth reading on a consistent basis.

Because of this, I decided to create my own Trading Blog that contains relevant advice, useful trading information, and most of all has truthful advice on what it really takes to succeed in the trading world.

My Trading Reality Blog will give you real-life lessons and insight from someone with literal decades of experience in trading the Forex, Futures, Stock, and Option markets.


Free Trading Education Center

Check out our trading education center, one of the best collections of free trading articles and advice available online. Here, you can read articles written by the top traders and investors in the industry today, and learn from those we consider the best.

Choose from any (or all) of the following topics and improve your profit potential today:

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