Our Trading "Strategy"

Every hour of every day that the markets are open there are many trading opportunities that can be taken advantage of. If we invest in just a few of these that stand out above the rest, our gains can quickly add up.

Although without a doubt there is no such thing as a sure thing in the securities markets, there are certain swing trading and investing strategies that consistently work over and over again.

There are also certain trading pitfalls that most traders never learn to control or eliminate (avoid these trading errors, while learning the essential steps to trading correctly by signing up for our Trading Course. The lessons included in this course apply to day trading, swing trading, and investing).

Never get yourself involved psychologically in any one position, this can severely limit your online trading gains, needless to say it can also cause unnecessary losses.

Don't fight what works.

For example, if we can profit the most by day trading a specific stock, we will do it; although day trading is not the primary focus of our trading. Some weeks we will make very few and possibly no trades at all, while in others we will make quite a few.

Know why you're buying each security.

Is there a reason for the stock to go higher? Is today really the best time to buy? How are the overall market conditions? Is this security being offered at a discount from what it should be worth?

How much do you expect to make on this trade? Is this security better suited for swing trading or day trading? These and many other questions must be asked, AND answered before placing your online trading order.

We trade only when the market trading conditions are favorable and our research shows us that the security has ample room to grow (or decrease in the case of Short sales or Put options). We know our targets, and also how much risk we're willing to take on each trading opportunity.

What is YOUR online trading strategy?



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