FAQ'S About Our "Trading Reality" Service

Q: Can you tell me how you differ from other trading services?

A: Of course! Here we will present a few, although there are many others;

1) You will have access to the EXACT "Trading Worksheet" we use for our own personal trading. On one page you will have access to what we're focusing on, what trades we're making, our market notes, and so much more. This worksheet is the end result of decades worth of actual real-life trading. The lay-out alone of this worksheet is worth much more than the price of the subscription.

2) In addition, we give you exact buy prices, suggested stop loss prices and targets, not lists of stocks that might be good picks without any specific entry or exit details.

3) Many trading services focus on a trading strategy that only works during specific market conditions. We've learned which strategies work best for each set of market conditions, concentrating on only the most profitable trading strategies at the correct time for optimal results.

4) Most trading services give you picks before each trading day starts, weekly, or sometimes only monthly. We give you our picks as we make them, at the time we make the decision to include them in our model portfolio. This means we take into account intra-day market movements for precision market timing.

Q: How much does it cost to subscribe?

A: Full access to the member's only Trading WorkSheet section of our website and real-time e-mail alerts of all trades and information is only $299/quarter (90 days) or if you prefer to pay Monthly, it's $119/month. This price may go up in the future, but once you've signed up at a specific price, it will never increase as long as you continue with our service.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Once you've paid for a subscription, you will have access to the member's only area of the website (our "Trading Worksheet") and receive e-mail alerts for that time period, no refunds of any type will be issued.

Q: How often do you trade?

A: It varies, sometimes it could be a few trades each day, sometimes no trades may be placed for a short length of time. It depends on what, if any, opportunities are present and what market conditions exist. We will not make trades just for the sake of making trades.

Q: How are trades and trade updates communicated?

A: Each time we issue new trades, updates to open trades, or our daily market notes updates, we will send you an email. The email will state what is new and include a link to our "Trading Worksheet".

Q: How much money do I need to trade your live trade alerts?

A: This varies for each individual subscriber. We have many subscribers that trade the full suggested dollar amounts of each trade in our model portfolio, a number that trade much larger, while we also have members that are trading our picks successfully with only a $3,000 online trading account.

Trades made on our "Trading Worksheet" are based on a model $50,000 trading account, but you can easily adjust accordingly (for example, if you have a $10,000 trading account and the model portfolio trade calls for a $5,000 position, perhaps consider taking a $1,000 position).

Q: Do you concentrate on currency trades, futures, options, or stock picks?

A: Our main focus is without a doubt on the "majors" forex pairs (roughly 90% of our trades). As long as you have a forex trading account, you'll be able to participate in nearly all of our trading. We also actively trade two Futures contracts (Emini S&P 500 and Crude Oil) and a few individual stocks (mostly ETF's). If you don't trade Futures, you can mimick most of our futures trades using stock ETF's.

Infrequently, we may recommend a few high percentage play option picks (at no additional cost) as an added bonus to our subscribers that also like to trade options.

Q: What time-frame do you concentrate on?

A: We're swing traders, meaning most of our trades last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Once in awhile, some trades may become day trades and some may be held for longer periods of time, but swing trading is our focus.

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