Best Times to Trade


During the Tokyo session, the Euro only trades 15% of all volume so it is best to start watching the Euro late in the Tokyo session.It trades 39% of all forex volume during the London session. It can also be traded during the New York session.


The pound trades extremely lightly during the Tokyo session. Start watching it near the end of the Tokyo session as it can start moving then. In the London session ,GBP/USD accounts for approximately 23% of all forex trading volume. The pound can be traded in the New York session also.


During the Tokyo session,USD/JPY accounts for approximately 78% of all forex volume. This drops to about 17% during the London session.

Throughout 2005, we have noticed good daytrading setups during the Tokyo, London and New York sessions. Anyone with deep pockets could start setting the market direction. Therefore trade our setups whenever they appear. Good moves can even start when price is moving sideways.

The Tokyo session opens at 0.00 GMT or 7 PM EST and closes at 9.00GMT or 4 AM EST. The first hour after opening provides the best liquidity of the day.

The London session is the largest market and opens at 8.00GMT or 3AM EST and closes at 17.00 GMT or 12 PM EST. Trading is best between 7.00GMT and 10AM GMT.

The New York session opens at 13.00 GMT or 8 AM EST and closes at 22.00GMT or 5 PM EST. The best trades occur in the first 3 hours.

News Releases / Economic Data Releases

2350 GMT Japan Fundamentals

0745 GMT Eurozone Fundamentals

1330 GMT USA Economic Figures

During Summer Time these news release times are 1 hour earlier.

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