20-30% a Month in Foreign Exchange FOREX Trading?
by Adam Aycock of AtcmFX.com

In a tide of new regulatory measures issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) most of the unscrupulous Forex firms have now disappeared or been forced to change their tune and marketing tactics ~ some have even gone underground. In the present climate of new regulations, is it time to take a new look at FX trading and the aspiring traders who are making Forex a profitably managed alternative investment?

Most US based hedge funds agree~ IT IS TIME! During an interview with a US based futures trader that worked for an overseas "fund", I learned some very interesting things... There are small private groups of investors that are formed outside the purview of the CFTC or other countries regulatory agencies that are currently making 20-30% per month, each and every month ~ and have been for the last 11 months. One of these groups initially began in Germany for small investors and was marketed under the new business slang of a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) which has since been sold to a Grant Andrews and other "e-gold" enthusiasts (mostly tax protesters)...

But the Main trading group has gone on to become a legitimate trading company in the United States with the most experienced trader becoming the manager and director of operations. Accepting investments as low as $250 is undoubtedly an enticement to the retail investment sector and a maximum investment of $25,000,000 deservedly an enticement for accredited investors. As of this writing (November 10, 2003) the company has began operations as an Forex Pool conducting it's trading business ONLY with registered FCM's in the US.

I was personally honored to grace the hallowed halls of a VERY PRIVATE trading operation managed from the State of Missouri (of all places), witnessed an incredible spectacle of 6 traders making a bit over 8% on a Monday in a period of 4.5 hours or so and was delightedly impressed to say the least. They told me it was happening long before it actually did... What do they know that I don't? It turns out that the Director has over 18 years of trading experience in private (what WAS he doing there?) for his own knowledge, interest and experience. It turns out that he and a few colleagues found a way to express a trending market BEFORE the market actually began to trend... Now that is something to read about...

Although the knowledge wasn't overly remarkable in percentage terms on a monthly basis (these are professional traders making 5-50% per month ya' have to understand...) the utilized trading system is a combination of money management techniques and market volatility measures which, when combined in certain combinations... provide a steady flow of profit while limiting drawdowns (losses), limiting risk and increasing profitability... Can it be true?... 17% per month for 11 months now and I'm told it's increasing to 20-25% with an essential programming change that doesn't change the past trading except, if it had been done in the past, it would have returned the higher amounts... the software wasn't capable of doing so and now it is! Incredible... Do I believe it? I like the 17% per month... My stocks are killing me! It turns out that there are Three (3) groups of two (2) traders utilizing different trading styles - which together provide a stable rate of return according to ones own risk profile, whether it be conservative, moderate or aggressive... Even after the 25% incentive fees are deducted each week...

And there's more... They presently have two funds. (1) The High Yield Fund where you get what you get after the 25% fees and 5% (optional) sales load; and (2) The Stability Fund where you get 5% every month and a Reserve Fund that guarantees the 5% per month each month... even if actual trading is under the "norm"... Secondly, the Reserves are also used to guarantee 100% of the principal invested so there is little or no risk after 6 months or so... Well, that quite a choice in hedge fund investing.

They are also interviewing other traders, some claiming returns way out there in ga-ga land... But don't sweat it, the Director has his feet on the ground, his interest is long-term and stable minded. So, it turns out that 25% per month is possible - with just Forex trading... mix in a certain management style that limits risk by guaranteeing your principal and feeds a reserve fund for contingencies... and twalah! You've got yourself the very best in Alternative Trading Capital Management... Extra funds to actually live life with! And isn't that what this is all about?

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