Trading is NOT Easy Money
by Frank Soler of

Most of my friends and family know what I do for a living, but have no idea what I do. What???

Let me explain. They know I'm a professional trader, but if I asked ten random people that know me (excluding trader friends of course) what I do specifically every day, they're clueless, except the obvious "You trade".

They don't know my routine, my approach, my methods, my hours. Yet, without a doubt, I get the dreaded (by me) question far too often: "If I give you $1000, how much can you make me?".

The amount will vary, but nearly always they want to give me a small amount of money and want me to make them a lot of money. No thanks, please go play the lottery.

It's not that I don't want to help them. I'll usually even give these same people that ask very easy to apply wealth building tips that work. Sadly, most ignore this incredibly value info and go off in search of "easy money".

Easy money doesn't exist. You need to put in the time and effort, this is the case for just about anything you want to do.

The high failure rate for traders is well known (90%+), but the main cause of it is rarely mentioned. It is this- Failed traders do not want to do what it takes to make it.

That's it. They want the benefits (money, security, time), but once they realize it's not easy in any way, they either give up, trade without learning, blow out their accounts, or any of the many other common practices that add to the trading failures.

Think of it this way. If you wanted to be a Brain Surgeon, how quickly could you become one. Brain Surgeon is an occupation, so is Trading.

Either treat trading as a job, or else move on (and likely continue to move on and on since without effort, success is unlikely in anything).

Frank Soler is a successful trader and Registered Investment Advisor. His company provides real-time Forex, Futures, Options, and Stock Picks, an eye-opening Trading Blog, and a free online trading education center.


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