Trading According to Your Personality
by Frank Soler of

In order to trade successfully, you must trade according to your personality.

You may be able to make it for a short time trading a style that doesn't match your trading personality, but over time your results will suffer.

Using myself as an example, I know that I'm somewhat conservative in my trading and don't like high risk.

So while I know I could make money trading a high risk scalping trading system where I'm in and out of million dollar positions and trades in seconds, I would hate it.

I'm so much more comfortable swing trading (trades lasting from a few hours to a few weeks). This fits me.

Taking position sizes that never risk more than 3% of my account. Perfect, low risk, low draw downs. Definitely suits me.

Taking a huge loss and getting angry. No thanks, I'm quite OK with small losses when they happen and small to large consistent profits.

Only you know yourself, only you can figure out what style is the right match for you, what markets you'll like, what time-frames are for you, what trading hours fit your life.

IF you can match up YOU with your methods and style, you're exponentially increasing your odds of succeeding in this game.

IF you want to trade someone else's style and force yourself to adapt to that person's ways, good luck, you're going to need it!


Frank Soler is a successful trader and Registered Investment Advisor. His company provides real-time Forex, Futures, Options, and Stock Picks, an eye-opening Trading Blog, and a free online trading education center.


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