A List of What is Absolutely Necessary to Start Trading
by Frank Soler of SolerInvestments.com

Sticking with the New Year's/New Beginnings theme, I thought a quick list of what is really required to start trading is appropriate.

It sounds simple, but WAY too many start off without the essentials (or are missing some) or are confused on what is needed. You can't trade without these things:

1) An open brokerage account -A no brainer, but hey, try to trade without one

2) Trading Capital -The most overlooked or ignored of all essentials. If you don't have enough money to trade, don't trade!!! If you are using money that is needed to pay for other things (food, housing, bills etc.), don't trade!

3) Computer or other device you can use to place trades

4) Along with this you of course need Internet service or a phone plan

You may be thinking "Gee, thanks for nothing Capt. Obvious!".

Yes, I know, this is the simplest and most obvious list on what you need to trade, however, there's a huge lesson in this.

This list is valuable if you realize that the things on this list are the only true essentials, everything else (trading software, quad-monitors, super trading desk, etc, etc..) is not necessary.

Understanding what is not necessary may be more valuable than what is.

Frank Soler is a successful trader and Registered Investment Advisor. His company provides real-time Forex, Futures, Options, and Stock Picks, an eye-opening Trading Blog, and a free online trading education center.


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